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Bangbros trial

Today I was asked to write a BangBros review. So I went to the website and started exploring. From the homepage I understood I would have had a lot of good things to say about this network. BangBros is a group of 30 porn sites with only exclusive contents in high definition. The sites covers a lot of different categories, so to have different kind of material to be satisfied with.

With 7595+ movies, BangBros Network has a very wide collection of MILFs, teens, big asses, small tits and more. There are thousands of hot gals ready to make you horny and show you all their abilities at sucking, licking, giving hand jobs and being as flexible as possible, while the guy throws his massive cock in her hot pussy.

Updated BangBros review

You can enjoy Lisa Ann and her big boobs, having to manage a “double black cock assault”, as the description defines it. Meeting the two huge guys on a basketball court, she ends up being fucked up in the ass by their impressive cocks. In another scene she helps an amateur enjoying a professional’s dick up her ass.

If you’re more into younger hotties, you should check out Ashlynn Brooke. She shows all her abilities at giving a guy an amazing hand job, but she also loves naughtier situations. We end up seeing her having fun in a massive orgy taking place in the comfort of a living room and its big couch. She’s a pro and so are a lot of the babes on BangBros, who are able to make you hard just spreading their legs, but luckily they never stop there.


To be able to enjoy all the contents of BangBros Network, you will have to subscribe for a membership. Entering the login page, you will have the chance to choose among three different options: one month membership at $29.95, one year membership at $119.40, or a 2 days trial at only $1. You will be able to pay by VISA, MasterCard and common credit card circuits.

Be aware of the fact that some users have had troubles canceling their membership, because apparently the website sometimes has some technical issues. Just notice that, if you write an email to the contact address, saying you would like to cancel your membership, they apparently answer pretty fast and help you out without problems. Another little issue some users noticed is that while trying to subscribe, the page automatically tries to add other memberships at an additional price. Just be careful when you do it.

Once a member of BangBros you will be able to access to most of the contents of the group, but some new sub-sites are being added and are accessible only with another membership. There is still a huge amount of material, listed in 30 different websites, such as Tugjobs, MILF lessons, Facial Feast, Brown Bunnies and many more. From the home page you can choose what you would like to watch, browsing through the last updated videos. As for the dates of the movies, there is a new release every day, so there is no way you end up not having enough contents to keep you satisfied.

BangBros Network has in total 7600+ videos in HD quality, all about 40 min long. When you pick a movie, you can decide to stream it directly on the page, or to download the contents on your computer. You will be able to download the full length video or shorter clips. There are three different quality formats to choose from, MP4 (.mp4, .m4v), 3000k, 1280x720 (downloadable), WMV (.wmv), 1500k, 852x480 (downloadable) and Flash (in-browser), bit unknown, 1280x720 (streaming).

With every video there is also a set of pictures available, with about 350 pictures, which will make you re-live the best scenes of the movie, or will just give you a better look of the babe starring in it. You can watch the photos online or download the entire set in high quality in a .zip file.

To choose the video you are interested in, you can browse the last updates and the top rated videos directly from the home page. But the videos are also listed by categories, such as Hard core, Blow jobs, Brunette, Asians and so on. You can also browse through all the thousands of hotties and look through all the collection of their videos, so you will be able to see your favorite gal starring in all her best scenes.

If you prefer focusing on a precise kind of videos, you might want to go directly to one of the websites part of the BangBros Network, like Blow Jobs Friday for example. On this amazing site you will be able to see Valentina, sucking hard a massive shaved cock, before the guy finds his own way in her ass. Another site which you might like is Mr. Anal, where you obviously will find a good amount of hotties ready to be pounded hard up their asses.

BangBros is really one of the best network you can find on the net. It gives you a wide selection of really amazing quality material, the hottest chicks and a huge variety of settings, scenes, locations and gals. At the same time is a very well organised website, where you will be able to browse and find everything smoothly and easily, to enjoy at best the contents it has to offer.

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Twistys Hard trial

The Boner and the beauty take the centre stage in Twistys Hard. The scenes that follow once they meet will rock your testicles to the core. You will appreciate the hardcore scenes that are part of this site from Twistys.

Cum shots are also there along with several sexual aspects. The sexy hot babes are bouncing their tits and showing off their tight butts to give you a solid erection. Blowjobs followed by some hardcore fucking scene can be witnessed when you land up there. They are the hard side of the popular network Twistys, so you can very well guess what is in there.

Updated Twistys Hard review

We visited again and did an updated review on the site. Here's bits from our updated Twistys Hard review. Going by the name you can expect a lot of hardcore action and you get exactly that. You will see the girls posing and teasing before they dive into some serious fucking business. Perfect tits and big asses make it easier for the gorgeous girls to give you a solid erection.

Their pussies get all wet when the thick and hard cock enters and what follows is a messy cum. Sometimes they get those juicy things all over their body, including the face. These hot babes harbour the desire of getting fucked by rock solid dick that will get them their orgasm.

Twistys Hard has in store more than 400 videos and they are updating regularly to keep the numbers rolling high. You will never lose your way when you are up there because the navigation is kept very simple and easy.

The hardcore scenes start with soft teasing where you will find the gorgeous models squeezing their round tits and poses for the guy to make the move. It is followed by tit fucking, face fucking and ultimately her pussy is pounded hard while she is bending over.

twistys hard porn

The Twistys Hard scenes are shot in high definition resolution to help you stream the videos in high quality. On an average, you will find videos of 30 minutes duration and you get different resolution alternatives as well.

The TwistysHard weekly update is definitely a big high for the site and the members do appreciate it a lot. Apart from this site, the members can also access different sites from Twistys network, making it a cracking deal in itself.

On Twistys Hard, you will find the babes in almost all the positions that you can ever imagine, including the doggy style as well. They also get engage in dirty talks to make sure that you have a good time watching them enjoying their stint.

You can rate the action that you just saw and let them know how much you enjoyed through your comments. You can view the images in three different image sizes and in case you want to download, then you can do that in a Zip file.

The thumbnail display is too small and it doesn’t help your cause much. You will have a hard time looking into it and to make things worse, they are sporadically placed.

Twistys Hard starts with seduction and leads to hardcore fucking. So, if you have been to Twistys earlier, then you must also visit this site for all the hardcore action.

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I Have A Wife trial
Are you one of those people who like seeing a big black cock pounding a wet hot pussy? And are you one of those who don’t really like young babes, but get crazy horny at the view of two mature boobies bouncing while the massive ebony dick of above is making its own way in the lady’s inside? Well, if this is the case, Milfs Like it Black is the perfect site for you. If you enjoy even more amateur works, Milfs like it Black is your chosen destination.

Updated MilfsLikeItBlack review

The videos can be streamed in different formats: Windows (1920x1080; 5000k), MP4 (1920x1080; 12000k; streaming), MP4 (1920x1080; 12000k), MPEG (768x432; 1940k). To enjoy them, though, you will have to subscribe for a membership. You can have a monthly subscription for 19,95$, a 90 days one for 59,96$ or a year one for 119,98$. A 2 days trial is available for 1$.

We visited again and did a updated review on the site. Here's bits from our updated Milfs Like It Black review.

The MOFOS Network group website will offer you 133+ videos, but hasn’t had an upload since 2013. The scenes are all in very good quality, and can be all streamed. Only member from before August 11, 2015 are able to download the contents as well, unluckily. All the video of Milfs like it Black star MilfsLikeItBlack, an agency which provides hot black guys t to horny MILFs for them to enjoy their massive cocks. Everything gets recorded, from the first encounter, to the blowjob that will for sure happen, as the MILF won’t resist at the view of that big piece of dark jewel, to the long hard fuck that will follow, in an about 30 minutes long movie, which will always keep you entertained and eventually satisfied.

Milfs Like It Big Porn Site Review

With the subscription, you will have access to all the contents of Milfs like it Black, as well as all the MOFOS Network videos and material. From the homepage, you can choose what you’d like to see, picking from the little previews nicely listed with upload date, views and rating.

If the choice is not easy just from there, from the top of the page you’ll have the chance to choose among the girls, the different websites or all the videos all together, selecting the kind of scenario you’re looking for, the category you’re interested in, or the website directly as well.

With every video comes a set of 200 high quality pictures as well, which you can download in a .zip file, so to re-live the experience every time you want.

Feel free to explore Milfs like it Black, to find hot MILF being fucked by single or groups of black big guys with massive hard members ready to pound them hard in every possible place. Look how the hot lady craves for the big ebony cock and wants to feel it in her mouth growing and shooting. And if this is not enough, just have a look at all the other movies the Network has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

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I Have A Wife trial

I Have A Wife is another of the 45 websites the Naughty America group has in its wide offer. As many others, this website presents a large amount of videos focusing on one of the most common episodes in a man life. A smocking hot chick decides that she has to fuck you. You’re married and you can’t really do anything. But she keeps going, and she wants you, and she’s so crazy hot, and without even realising it, your pants are on the floor and her hot lips are around your big erection.

Don’t deny you’ve thought about this happening to you at least once in your life. Well, I Have a Wife is the perfect place to go to live this reality, without really having to do anything bad.

Updated IHaveAWife review

With 414+ video, updating frequently so not to let you getting bored and unsatisfied, I Have A Wife provides you movies of so many different categories, such as Blonde, Big fake Tits, Caucasian, Big dick and so on, in various different formats to choose from, when you decide if stream or download the video you’re interested in. Both possibilities are available and MP4 (4096x2160; 30000k), MP4 (4096x2160; 30000k; streaming), Flash (1920x1080; 8000k) and Windows (850x480; 2000k) are the different format available. High quality pictures come with everyone of the video available, so that you can enjoy the hot girls at their best whenever you want. The movies are quite long, with an average length of 30 min, and the newest video are in Ultra HD quality, to enjoy all these scenes at best.

To be able to see the contents of website, you’ll have to get a membership. Prices are the same for any Naughty America group’s website: with 17,76$ / month you’ll get a monthly membership. The price goes down to 5,95$ / month if you decide to commit for a year. If you’re not sure, instead, you could go for a 3 days trial at 1,95$ or a week one at 4,95$.
Opening the homepage, you’ll find little screenshots, introducing you the latest videos, with a new one every 5/7 days on average.

We visited again and did a updated review on the site. Here's bits from our updated I Have A Wife review.


Every video has a little description, with a detail of the location and the category the videos its part of as well. The story is mainly the same every time: a married guy runs into the hottest girl around, who has only one thing in her mind that day. Might she be the waitress, the babysitter, the shop assistant or a random co-worker, the important thing is that she wants to get naked, and get that hard boner up her ass. And these videos are there to show you all of this.

And if for any random reason, the contents of I Have A Wife are not enough to satisfy you, remember that with the membership comes the access to all the 45 Naughty America websites and contents, with more than 7000 video and set of pictures, so you won’t be able to ever say there is not enough material for you.